3D Camcorders for Everyman?

I’ve had a chance to use two new “consumer” 3D camcorders, the JVC GS GS-TD1 and the Sony HDR-TD10.  Both produce remarkably good images.  Go out and spend $15 for a pistol grip  — you may like it better than their wrist straps. The Sony, with it’s slightly lesser interaxial and wider angle of view, is my pick because it extends depth range a bit more.  Both could use even wider lenses and even less IA.

The JVC, by allowing you to see mixed images to precisely set ZPS, gets lots of points.  Both have mucked up setting creative controls and everybody, including Ford, should revert to knobs and drop the Chinese puzzle-box menus and touch screens as the sole means of control.  At least offer the knobs for individual functions so that more than one function can be addressed at a time.

Shame on the ads for promoting the Sony as running at 24p.  It does but only for 2D operation.  The JVC is also a 60i 1920 by 1080i camera but more expensive 24p versions (required for universal distribution  here, there and everywhere) of both are on the way. And when they arrive there will be some head scratching amongst the pros.  Are these only disposable machines for drop-them-off the cliff stunts or how much of a feature or TV show could you get away with using these cameras?

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