The Truth about 3D TV, Part 7


Can stereoscopic TV gain a foothold in the midst of a world-wide economic catastrophe?  

Can stereoscopic TV make penetration advances before HD TV becomes fully established?  By that I mean when half of the homes that have TVs have HD TV. 

Does a stereoscopic TV services need to have a signal that plays in 2D on existing digital receivers? 

Will most programming be any more interesting in 3D than in 2D? 

Will people put up with wearing 3D eyewear? 

Will people be willing to pay more money for 3D TV hardware – not just the set but whatever accessories are required? 

Is 3D gaming the killer app for home 3D viewing? 

Does the Philips withdrawal from autostereo but the kibosh on autostereo? 

How will the decline of hard media and the rise of on-demand and IP TV influence the future of 3D TV? 

What economic factors drive the introduction of 3D TV?  Which manufacturers will make out the best?  

How will the rise of non-TV set viewing of programming influence the introduction of stereoscopic TV? 

Is there a market for snapshot and camcorder 3D products? 

Will we see various stereoscopic PC applications? 

Are there significant perceptual issues with the viewing of 3D TV images?  Will people find viewing to be comfortable? 

Despite the fact that there may be a couple of million DLP TVs that are so-called stereo-ready, practically nobody is using them for home 3D viewing.  Is this installed base a sign of trouble or a sign of hope? 

Is it truly possible for this medium to gain traction with no content delivery f ormat or selection device standards? 

How will the introduction of 3D TV alter programming?  Will it be the same old same old or will there be some kind of an advance in creativity sparked by the new modality? 

TV is mostly recycled content.  Does that mean that this vast library will have to be converted to 3D, and is the conversion technology up to the task?


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