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Classification of Plano-Stereoscopic Displays

July 31, 2008

In a prior article I talked about attempting to develop a plano-stereoscopic display system classification. The chart reproduced here is the fruit of that labor. A plano-stereoscopic display is one that uses two images to produce a stereoscopic effect. There are other kinds of stereoscopic systems, for example, autostereoscopic systems that may use multiple views.



Projecting 35mm 3D

July 31, 2008

Twenty-five years ago I wrote an article for the American Society of Cinematographers Magazine, which is reproduced here as a PDF file. It’s about the lack of standards for the projection of 35mm over and under format movies. The 35mm frame, in this process, is split horizontally into two wide aspect ratio sub-frames and these have the left and right perspective views. The sub-frames are projected through optics that polarize and combine them when projected on a “silver” screen. If everything is done correctly the result is a good 3D image.


Stereography on Rottweiler

July 18, 2008

I wrote this article for the American Society of Cinematographers’ Magazine and it was published in their October 1982 issue.  The reader may find it to be of interest, or possibly quaint.  The film was shot with Chris Condon’s above and below lenses on a 35 mm Arriflex camera.

American Society of Cinematographer’s Magazine Article