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A Step Towards the Classification of 3-D Displays

June 27, 2008

A recent article in a prestigious journal has inspired this blog. In it was included a foldout chart classifying stereoscopic moving image systems. The chart was obscure and confusing. I prefer to have people understand stereoscopic imaging, and the chart is of no help. It isn’t as if the classification of stereoscopic imaging systems is at the same level of complexity as that of the Periodic Table. But classifying a technology family, a system created by the human mind, can also be a challenging.


Wrong, Wrong, Wrong: Myths of Stereoscopic Filmmaking

June 11, 2008

Every field has its mythology. Myths can build a collective spirit, and help people reach for a goal. But sometimes myths are destructive because they are based on fiction and can prevent people from making properly informed decisions. This is especially true in a nascent field like stereoscopic filmmaking. Although stereoscopic filmmaking has been around for a long time, people haven’t had a chance to practice their skills, so from a craft point of view, it’s still in a relatively early stage. Until lately there has been a lack of proper technology so that theatrical filmmakers could learn from experience. You learn from experience, which often means your mistakes. Although the maxim is learning from mistakes, you also learn from what you do right and what works. Who’s to know which is more important–doing it right or doing it wrong?  Obviously, nobody wants to do it wrong, so people tend to get conservative and cautious, especially in an undeveloped field like stereoscopic filmmaking.