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Rebel Without a Cause

May 23, 2007

My passion for stereoscopic displays guided me to the booths and displays I’ll describe. My method, which has not varied over the years, is to start at one corner of the hall and work my way to the other end of the hall, passing every booth. I think many people do this rather than select the booths that might be of greatest interest. Of course such selection would take planning and forethought but I prefer to make it an adventure. There are two problems with this method. The first is that somehow I miss interesting booths. Next is that I get interrupted on the way, because after three decades in the field, people know me. So I stop and talk to them, and sometimes they have something exciting to show me at another booth and we wander to it. In a trade show like this one with 550 booths, I can lose my way. The booths look alike and are in a repetitive pattern so it’s easy to get disoriented. Trade shows are an exercise in cognition and spatial relations as much as anything else.